How to choose a good agent ?

We have to admit that we are very blessed to live in a country with multiple options we can pick from. Because we have that flexibility, we tend to make decisions a little bit harder than they should be.

As we meet with different agents to assist us, let's keep in mind the basics of how we interact with people. How do we want our agent to be and what type of skills would we like them to possess?

You could look at different articles to tell you they should be certified for different things. But at the end of the day, what really matters is how you interact with that person and how much hustle they put into helping you achieve your goal.

A wise real estate agent once told me, "pick someone you know that has passion and energy. That is the most important quality a good agent must possess. Don't be concerned with what company they work for or the certifications they have. All those can be good, but passion to doing a good job will trump the others. If you know someone who is new, give him a shot, as long as you know they will work hard for you."

Throughout my years in real estate, I have followed that advice and can certainly say that the best agents I have worked with have been fully committed to my goals. Their desire to work with me has been obvious and at the end of the day they are good people. That personality trait of getting along with people will simplify how you and others work with them to make the process a much better experience.