Yourcasa Service and Privacy Disclosure Policies

It is our pleasure and we take pride in working with companies that provide high levels of service to their customers. Based on that premise of exceeding customer expectations, we appreciate the business relationship that can be established to give those customers that come through our entities a good customer experience. Yourcasa Holdings also values the listings data provided and shared by the Listing Brokers and their agents and because of their trust, we take proactive steps to make sure the listing data is kept safely within our site and have no intention of redistribution.

Due to the constantly changing business environments Yourcasa Holdings reserves the right to modify and change policies and enact them immediately. These may include the way practices are performed or agreement enhancements. Customers and Service Partners that use and continue using the service (by default) automatically accept and acknowledge the policies and procedures the company enacts.

Privacy Policy and Procedures

Yourcasa Holdings values your trust and wants to make sure we keep it by protecting and keeping our users information safe in both of our portals ( and

Distribution of Information Disclosure

As stated within the different forms, when you provide us with your information by clicking any of our Submit buttons, you are agreeing to our Privacy Policy and our Terms and Conditions agreement in allowing anyone from Yourcasa or our Service Providers for the service you have requested to contact you via email or by telephone so the assistance you are requesting is properly provided.  This authorization will grant Yourcasa and our Service Providers with the permission to call you even if you had previously registered on a state or federal Do Not Call registry that might have preceded this action.  The calls made to you may be manually dialed or made by an automatic telephone dialer with the intent to connect with you at the best number provided.

When signing up for any or form, we will distribute your information to the appropriate Service Provider covering your area and you may receive phone calls, text messages or email notifications to those places provided by you for the service(s) you have requested assistance in. You (or anyone you designate to be a recipient for the information and assistance you are requesting) may receive email notifications, text messages or telephone calls to further assist you and/or to validate any of the information provided. Standard data fees and text messaging rates may apply based on your plan with your mobile carrier. The sharing of your information will be limited to those Service Providers for the purpose(s) you’ve requested.

By visiting our portals ( and you accept the conditions and policies we have established which cover how the information is used and with whom it is shared.

Information Collected

The information received is used in two ways.  First, it will be used to better prepare the Service Providers in our network with your need prior to them contacting you. 

Second, it will be used to help us better manage our websites.  We collect data via “cookies” (information shared with your browser from our site) that help report how and for how long customers use our webpages. 

This helps us identify how clients use our site(s), how long their sessions last and it also allows us to remarket appropriate and related Yourcasa advertisement. 

Access to Data

Yourcasa protects customer data stored in our servers via SSL (Secure Socket Layer) transaction protocol to prevent access to the data (industry standard) and 128-Bit encryption technology to prevent any unauthorized deciphering of data. 

Employees are vetted via background checks to prevent access to data to individuals with fraudulent backgrounds.  The employees that do get access to the data are granted individual ID’s and Passwords that allows the company to track usage and rescind immediate access to the system in the event of dismissal or change of employer.  Written acknowledgement and understanding of the company’s strict security guidelines must be given before they can get access to any customer data.  Those guidelines are regularly reviewed and improved to keep our policies up to date or above industry standards and provide customers and Service Partners reliability and security.


The company works with advertisers we believe could be of benefit to our customers based on the services they provide.  They can be found in certain pages of the site and will only receive customer information if customers decide to fill out a form that requests assistance of those advertisers services or if the customer decides to opt in to any specials or offers offered by Yourcasa or SuCasa in partnership with that advertiser. Since advertisers are separate entities, Yourcasa Holdings is not responsible for the claims or representations made by those companies. 

Changes to Policies

Since guidelines and policies are often evaluated, they are subject to change and adjusted accordingly.  Customers and Service Partners will be able to see those adjustments within this page (Privacy Policies and Procedures) for any updates.

Trademarks and licenses

The trademarks, service marks, trade names, domain names and logos displayed on this Web site are either pending, registered or unregistered Trademarks of these without express written consented authorization from Yourcasa Holdings or the respective owners. All property by either party, which includes but is not limited to advertisements, business customer data, logos, and others are the sole property of the business producing that work and should not be used, nor misused, by the other party. If said property is used outside the context of this agreement, it would be in violation of the other’s property rights.

If you have any questions with respect to these or for further information on licensing matters, please contact Yourcasa Holdings at: 1155 Mount Vernon Hwy, Suite 800; Atlanta, GA 30338.


Service Partner Terms and Conditions

Service Partner seeks to purchase a marketed territory for which leads will be generated for them to serve in their specialized area. *This agreement refers often to Service Partners. Where Service Partner wording is used throughout the agreement, it refers to the affiliated Mortgage Lenders and Real Estate Brokerages. Those Service Partners advertise in certain territories of the Yourcasa entities ( and with the purpose of providing their specialized services and gaining prospects from those that seek assistance.


Service Partners within network are establishing a contractual relationship with Yourcasa (Lead Supplier) on a monthly basis and pay Yourcasa Holdings on a timely manner for those services. Failure to do so will result in lead supplier pausing service and could lead to termination of agreement.

Compliance with Laws

Parties shall comply fully with all federal, state and local laws, rules and regulations that adhere to their specific lines of business and perform on the requirements within this Agreement.

Business and customer confidentiality

Service Partners acknowledge that each will have access to confidential information, which may include, business practices, customer lists and other proprietary information (considered to be highly confidential). For everyone’s best interest, both sides agree not to disclose ANY CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION that might harm any side or without the other’s written permission. This confidentiality agreement supersedes and survives each side not doing business with each other based even in the case of this agreement being terminated. You are responsible for safe keeping your passwords and access to the Service Partner leads tool

Proper Representation

It is the Service Partner‘s responsibility to serve and provide a high level of service to those individuals passed to them by Yourcasa Holdings via their entities. Yourcasa Holdings reserves the right to refuse service, terminate accounts, and/or cancel orders at its discretion.

Disclaimer of Warranties

The use of material and information available through the websites owned by Yourcasa Holdings are for informational purposes only. This information can be used for your commercial and non-commercial use in a responsible manner as it may assist. Based on the multiple data sources providing the information in the websites, Yourcasa Holdings waves it’s risk and warns that the information may be inaccurate and should be used at your own risk. The information shared in the web sites are deemed accurate but are being provided in an “AS IS” basis without any warranties. Without limiting the scope and generality of the information provided, Yourcasa Holdings, it’s owners and affiliates disclaim all warranties, expressed or implied and without limitation for the warranties offered.

Indemnity and release

By agreeing to the terms and conditions, you release and hold Yourcasa Holdings harmless nor liable for any lost profits, indirect, special or consequential damages, that may come from your use, misuse or lack of use of it’s service. You are hereby advised to use in correct and responsible manner.

Notification of legal actions

Both sides agree to immediately notify the other if it is served and/or involved in any legal action that could harm and affect the other based in relation to this agreement.

Arbitration: Any dispute or claim arising out of or relating to this Agreement, or the breach thereof, shall be settled through good faith negotiations between parties. In the event that said negotiations are not successful, any dispute or claims arising under or with respect to this Agreement will be resolved by arbitration in the State of Georgia in accordance with the Rules for Commercial Arbitration of the American Arbitration Association before a panel of three (3) arbitrators appointed by said Association. The decision or award of a majority of the arbitrators shall be final and binding upon the parties. The arbitrators’ power under the applicable arbitration rules shall be limited to the specific powers conferred under the arbitration laws of Georgia. Any arbitral award may be entered as a judgment or order in any court of competent jurisdiction.

Use of Information

Since we deem our customer information very important, we ask our Service Partners to uphold high standards for their privacy and use of it. When our customers express interest in any service or offering conducted in conjunction with any Service Partner, they are authorizing us to provide you personal information so you can contact them for assistance. You will have the ability retain or use such information only for those services you offer.

As a Service Partner, we look forward to doing what is best for the customer during their buying or selling process.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about the points mentioned, you may contact Yourcasa Holdings at:

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